Tuesday, February 16, 2010


There is so much talk about how commercialized kids are these days.  It isn't something that I spend a huge amount of time fretting over and thanks to the magic of the DVR, I feel like Elisabeth has been relatively shielded from it.  That is, until recently.  She has gotten into Penguins of Madagascar, which has ads between the episodes - so at the 15 minute mark.  She usually fast forwards through them, but has -apparently- watched a few.  At least this leads to some humorous stories.

When we were in Florida recently, as we drove East on I-4 towards Orlando Elisabeth saw a billboard with a picture of a pile of money with eyes on it.  She nearly jumped out of her seat pointing and saying "Mommy, Mommy!!  That's the money you could be saving with Geico!"

Then, on Friday, Doug told Elisabeth that they were going to buy some flowers for me for Valentine's Day.  She said, "No, Daddy, you shouldn't waste your money on flowers."  So he asked what he should get for me for Valentine's Day.  She said "you can still get flowers, but you have to go online and go to flowers.com.  And type "youth" in the box.  It will save you money."  We think she got the coupon code wrong, but she was close!

As an aside, I would pay money to the makers of Barbie to STOP producing commercials, so my kids can live in ignorance of Barbie's very existence... I would take an entire truck full of My Little Ponies if someone would promise me that another Barbie would not enter my house.  Heck, I'd take an entire truck full of battery powered noise making toys if I could keep Barbie out.


The Taylormoore's said...

So are you saying that I should return the barbie we got E for her birthday?? :)

Mike said...

Can you ask her if she knows any codes for car repair work? Isn't it amazing that absolutely nothing escapes them!